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Secret Garden is dedicated to providing you the most relaxing and healing aromatherapy massage possible. The atmosphere is very private and intentionally serene, further aiding in relaxation. We use only the highest quality essential oils and our Certified Aroma Therapist will assist in determining a theraputic massage that is best suited for you personally. Based on your desire, we will work closely with you to select and blend essential oils, and massage them into the body in a way that can improve physical, emotional, and mental health. The affects essential oils have on the body, coupled with our soothing massages, will leave you feeling refreshed and your spirit lifted.  (Click Here for Customer Testimonials)

Secret Garden is conveniently located on highway 330 between Kadena and Camp Foster.  Parking is available.  Please call 090-1940-3660 for an appointment--appointments are required.

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