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Frequently categorized as "alternative medicine", an aromatherapy massage is an innocuous therapeutic massage that employs essential oils extracted from fruits, leaves, woods, resins, stems, and flowers of plants and trees in a way that can improve physical, emotional, and mental health. These essential oils can be used individually or blended with other oils to create different "recipes" and massaged into the body for different effects. Among other things, aromatherapy massages improve circulation, reduce stress, reduce the pain of sore muscles, alleviate tension headaches, and energize and rejuvenate the body.  (Click Here for Customer Testimonials)

Why get a massage?  Toxins in the body tend to accumulate in body tissue that receives little or no attention. Even active people who routinely workout fail to give needed attention to all parts of the body. Additionally, as people get older they typically become less active, leading to increased accumulation of toxins in the body. A professional, properly licensed aromatherapy massage specialist will work almost all areas and muscle tissues of the body, from head to toe and fingertip to fingertip, calling attention to otherwise neglected areas and improving the body's ability to eliminate toxins.

Why aromatherapy?  There are numerous aromatherapy essential oils on the market, each with its own properties and benefits. Each aromatherapy oil offers a degree of health-boosting affects. For example, lavender offers healing and calming properties and can improve the quality of your skin, while eucalyptus can alleviate discomfort from colds and sinus congestion, and peppermint can counteract nausea. The affects essential oils have on the body, coupled with our soothing massages, will leave you feeling refreshed and your spirit lifted.

Secret Garden is a PRIVATE Aromatherapy Salon for Women and COUPLES ONLY*. The atmosphere is very private and intentionally serene, further aiding in relaxation. We use only the highest quality essential oils and our Certified Aroma Therapists will assist in determining a theraputic massage that is best suited for you personally.

  * Due to numerous requests from our women clients wanting us to massage their husbands, we now accept appointments for couples.   (What is a "couples massage"?   Click here.)

Secret Garden is conveniently located on highway 330 between Kadena and Camp Foster.  Parking is available.  Please call 090-1940-3660 for an appointment--appointments are required.

Street Address:

646 Zukeran
Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa

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